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All the patients that inquire Dermatologist Dr. Oyku Celen’s Clinic receive a medical evaluation from the doctor. Foreign patients are provided with an evaluation and detailed information about hair transplant through our translators. Patients that would like to go ahead and undergo hair transplant procedure are welcomed at the airport and transferred to their already reserved hotel.

Hair transplant procedure must definitely be performed with a doctor’s supervision. Dermatologist Dr. Oyku Celen collects all the data about the patient and performs a consultation in her clinic with the patient. During the consultation she makes a planification with her medical staff and explains the treatment plan according to the patient’s expectation.

Even though hair transplant is considered as an easy operation, health is the number one priority. Therefore it must be performed with a supervision of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist and experienced medical staff.

Dermatologist Dr. Oyku Celen and her staff of 35 offer the highest quality standards in her clinic.

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