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Regenera Activa Hair Transplant with DR. CELEN

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Created On: 1 June 2022

Updated On: 2 November 2023

Autologous micro graft method, also known as Regenera Activa, is a method that mainly aims to regenerate the capillaries to solve hair loss problem. The area between two ears in the back of the head also known as donor area in hair transplant has hair roots that are resistant against hair loss. In this method, donor hair is extracted, processed and injected back into the receding or thinning area in order to regenerate the hair growth.


Autologous Micro Graft

Thanks to the studies of Dr. Graziano and Dr. D’Aquino, autologous micro graft treatment were developed. First tests of Regenera Activa started in Italy in 2013. After achieving successful results, it has become one of the most safe and effective methods now in the day. It is now an FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved method.


Regenera Activa Procedure

Depending on the patient’s condition, around 3 to 6 graft tissues are removed from the donor area by using 2,5mm medical punches. They are processed in a special solution and Regenera Activa device, and disintegrated to a size of 50 micrones. This special fluid is injected back into the receding and thinning areas. This way, it regenerated the capillaries and stimulates hair regrowth.

Dr. Celen explain the procedure of regenera activa
Dermatologist Dr. Oyku CELEN explains the procedure of Regenera Activa

What are the advantages of Regenera Activa?

  • It is applied only one session and it takes around 30 minutes.
  • There is no need to shave the hair off.
  • It stimulates the hair roots underneath the skin and provides regeneration.
  • Stimulates thin hairs and increases their thickness.
  • It can be preferred by men or women of any age who would like to solve hair loss problems or protect their existing hair.
  • It is officially approved by the FDA.
  • It can increase the overall density and be an alternative method for those who would not like to have a hair transplant.
  • It increases the success rate of hair transplant if performed a few days before the operation.

Hair Transplant with Regenera Activa

A new plan of hair loss treatment has been launched in Dermatologist Dr. Celen’s clinic. As a result of our R&D, we have experienced a significant increase in results of hair transplant if Regenera Activa is performed with hair transplant.


How is Regenera Activa treatment performed in hair transplantation?

2 days before the hair transplant, autologous graft samples are collected from the patient. These tissues are processed in Regenera Activa device and disintegrated into very small pieces. Then, they are put into a special solution to be injected. During this phase, Dr. Celen mixes this solution with a special formula that is formulated to stop hair loss. This can be performed in order to stimulate the hair roots underneath the skin, or to increase the thickness of existing hair strands.

After hair transplant procedure, 40-70% of the implanted grafts fall out. After the 3rd month they start to grow back. Most of the growth is experienced from 3rd to 9th month. Regenera Activa’s effect starts in the 3rd month and continues until 6th month. The most significant benefit from Regenera Activa is experienced in this phase where the hair growth is at its peak.


Is Regenera Activa applied instead of hair transplantation?

Regenera Activa cannot be an equal alternative to hair transplant. Because hair transplant is an operation that consists of taking hair grafts from one place and transferring them to another. Regenera Activa cannot provide results in a completely hairless area. It can only benefit existing hair that might be too thin or sparse. In our clinic, Regenera Activa is utilised as a supportive treatment to increase the success rate of a hair transplant.


In which cases is Regenera Activa preferred over hair transplantation?

People who have hair loss problems can experience shedding until the mid 30s. For this reason, those who experience hair loss in their 20s can get benefit from hair loss treatments. One of the most effective treatments in this case would be Regenera Activa. Those who are not willing to have hair transplant, or have just started receding or thinning can easily opt for a session of Regenera Activa.

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Regenera Activa Cost in Turkey

Regenera Activa method is an operation that has been used for a long time in Turkey. Turkish hair transplant doctors perform hundreds of hair transplant operations annually. Therefore, they are very experienced in hair transplantation. Advanced technology and equipping the clinics for hair transplantation have made Turkey the best in hair transplantation. In Turkey, where the most successful results in hair transplantation are achieved, the costs are very low compared to the rest of the world.

Regenera Activa Turkey prices vary according to the package contents. You can contact us by choosing the package that suits you.

850 No Hidden Cost
All Details Included
  • Performed by Dermatologist Dr. Oyku Celen
  • Regenera Activa with
    Hair Mesotherapy Vitamins
  • After Care Package
  • Personal Assistance
1.150 No Hidden Cost
All Details Included
  • Performed by Dermatologist Dr. Oyku Celen
  • Fotona Hair Laser Treatment

  • Regenera Activa with
    Hair Mesotherapy Vitamins
  • After Care Package
  • Hotel-Clinic-Hotel Transfer
  • Personal Assistance
1.550 No Hidden Cost
All Details Included
  • Performed by Dermatologist Dr. Oyku Celen
  • Fotona Hair Laser Treatment

  • Regenera Activa with
    Hair Mesotherapy Vitamins
  • 3 Months After Care Package
  • 2 Nights Luxury Hotel
  • VIP Transfer
  • Personal assistance
Important Notes
  • VIP Transfer: When you arrive in Istanbul, you will be welcomed at the airport by our team. All our transfers, such as airport, hotel and clinic, are provided free of charge by the clinic staff and vehicles.
  • After Care Package: The hair care process after regenera activa is very important. We are given to our patients KAPIGEN Hair Styling Care Foam and KAPIGEN Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, which do not contain any harmful chemicals, in the After Care Package. It strengthens existing hair and ensures that hair grows healthier.
  • Personal Assistance: Our clinic operates with a boutique service approach and assigns the person you talked to before hair transplant as a personal assistant to support you during your trip to Istanbul. This person will support you after you return to your country, free of charge for 1 year, so that you can achieve better quality results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Regenera Activa is the injection of hair follicles taken from the donor area to the areas where hair loss is experienced by breaking them at the micro level. This process, made with a special solution, ensures the revival of weak hair follicles and capillaries. In this way, the hair becomes stronger and denser. Regenera Activa is one of the most effective hair loss treatments.

Regenera Activa aims to strengthen weak hair follicles. In this way, it helps to prevent the loss of weakened hair.

Regenera Activa can be performed to all men and women who have hair loss problems.

It is a single session application. If necessary, at least 1 year should be waited for the next session.

It is a new treatment method used for hair loss problem. It has proven to be highly effective in promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss. Moreover, Regenera Activa performed before the hair transplant operation also increases the success of the hair transplant operation.

After the treatment, the first effect begins to be seen from the 3rd month. From the 6th month, the real result emerges.

Regenera Activa treatment is a procedure performed with very small local anesthesia. The average processing time is 30-45 minutes. Since it is a minimally painful procedure, patients continue their daily lives after the treatment.

Regenera Activa (Autolog Micrograft) treatment is the injection of tissues taken from the anesthetized area under local anesthesia and reinjected into the person after a special procedure. For this reason, it does not contain allergies or any risk. It is also a treatment approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

Regenera Activa is applied to thinned, worn and lifeless hair due to environmental, hormonal or various reasons, thickening and revitalizing the hair as before. However, it does not thicken thin hair genetically.

Regenera Activa hair treatment Turkey prices vary according to the packages. Dermatologist Dr. CELEN FUE hair transplant packages start from 1,490 €.
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