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Hair Transplant with Regenera Activa

  • Regenera Activa (Pre-Op)
  • FUE, Sapphire FUE or DHI
  • 4 Nights Luxury Hotel
  • Needle-Free Anesthesia
  • Consultation with DR.CELEN
  • 3 Months After Care Package
  • VIP Transfer
  • Guarantee Certificate
  • Personal Assistance

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New Hair Transplant Method

Hair Transplant with Regenera Activa

  • Regenera Activa (Pre-Op)
  • Sapphire FUE or DHI Method
  • 4 Nights Luxury Hotel
  • Needle-Free Anesthesia
  • Consultation with DR.CELEN
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Travel Turkey

Flying to Turkey
Hair Transplant Operation
Istanbul Travel
A New You

Hair Transplant with Regenera Activa

A new plan of hair loss treatment has been launched in Dermatologist Dr. Celen’s clinic. As a result of our Resaerch and Development, we have experienced a significant increase in results of hair transplant if Regenera Activa is performed with hair transplant.

What are the advantages of Regenera Activa with Hair Transplant?

  • It is applied only one session before hair transplant procedure and it takes around 30 minutes.
  • There is no need to shave the hair off.
  • It stimulates the hair roots underneath the skin and provides regeneration.
  • Stimulates thin hairs and increases their thickness.
  • It can be preferred by men or women of any age who would like to solve hair loss problems or protect their existing hair.
  • It is officially approved by the FDA
  • It increases the success rate of hair transplant when performed a few days before the operation.

How is Regenera Activa performed with hair transplant?

2 days before the hair transplant, autologous graft samples are collected from the patient. These tissues are processed in Regenera Activa device and disintegrated into very small pieces. Then, they are put into a special solution to be injected. During this phase, Dr. Celen mixes this solution with a special formula that is formulated to stop hair loss. This can be performed in order to stimulate the hair roots underneath the skin, or to increase the thickness of existing hair strands.

After hair transplant procedure, 40-70% of the implanted grafts fall out. After the 3rd month they start to grow back. Most of the growth is experienced from 3rd to 9th month. Regenera Activa’s effect starts in the 3rd month and continues until 6th month. The most significant benefit from Regenera Activa is experienced in this phase where the hair growth is at its peak.

Dr.Celen Explain Regenera Activa Process

Dr. Celen explain the procedure of regenera activa
Dermatologist Dr. Oyku CELEN explains the procedure of Regenera Activa

Available Hair Transplant Methods with Regenera Activa

FUE Hair Transplant Method


FUE technique involves extracting the healthy hair graft with its tissue on and transferring it to the bald area. In one hair graft, there can be 1 or even 4-5 hair strands.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Method

Sapphire FUE

Sapphire FUE technique is a technique where the incisions are made with special Sapphire blades. In this technique, Sapphire blades are utilised which are finer and smoother.

DHI Hair Transplant Method


DHI hair transplant is performed with special implanter pens called CHOI pens. DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) method’s main aim is to implant the graft directly into the scalp.

Hair Transplant without Shaving


Hair Transplant without shaving is a method that is preferred mostly by women or by those who do not want to leave their social lives. In this technique only the donor area is shaved.


Hair Transplant with Regenera Activa - All Inclusive Package

  • task_alt Regenera Activa (Pre operation)
  • task_alt Boutique Clinic
  • task_alt Officially Approved by FDA
  • task_alt 4 Nights Luxury Hotel Accommodation
  • task_alt Applied Only One Session
  • task_alt After Care Products
  • task_alt Increase of Success Rate of Hair Transplant
  • task_alt No Need to Shave the Hair
  • task_alt Stimulates Hair & Increases Thickness
  • task_alt Personal Assistance
Starting From 2.690
  • Arrival in Istanbul

    1st Day

    When you land in Istanbul, you will be picked up from the airport by our VIP transfer service and driven to the luxury hotel. You could get rest in room or trip sightseeing tour rest of the day.

  • Consultation with DR.CELEN and Regenera Activa

    2nd Day

    Next day you will be picked up from your hotel by our VIP transfer team with your personal assistance and you will be bring at the our clinic. You will have consultation with Dr. Celen according to after giving blood sample and your scalp situation. You will then prepared for the applying Regenera Activa and we will collect autologous graft samples before hair transplant.

  • Rest of Day

    3rd Day

    After collect autologous graft samples DR. CELEN will be put that into a special solution to be injected. During this phase, Dr. Celen will be mixed this solution with a special formula that is formulated to stop hair loss while you are enjoying Istanbul.

  • Hair Transplant Operation

    4th Day

    We pick you up from the hotel and take you to our clinic. We perform your hair transplant procedure as planned in previous consultation with Dr. Celen. Once you are finished, we take you back to your hotel with all the medications and materials provided.

  • After Wash and Return to Home

    5th Day

    We pick you up in the morning to take you to our clinic to do the first hair wash after the procedure. We show and explain to you how you should wash your hair during the first 10 days which is the most important early healing stage. Once you are all set, you will be taken to the airport according to your flight schedule.

Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

Dr. Oyku Celen’s Clinic is located in Nisantasi which is one of the most socially and economically developed areas of Istanbul. Since 2014, she has been offering cosmetics, dermatologic treatments and hair transplant in her private clinic in international standards.

We are the only medical tourism company in Turkey that is certified by MTQUA from the US and we provide the highest standards in both medical and operational aspects. Our clinic possesses all the necessary foundation and is subjected to reviews periodically by MTQUA. You can find details about best hair transplant clinic in Turkey

Hair Transplant Doctor in Turkey

Dermatologist Dr. Oyku Celen received her general medicine education in Istanbul University Capa Faculty of Medicine. She had 5 years of education specialized in dermatology and during her course, she studied dermatology, hair treatments and attended many congresses and conferences and then mainly focused on hair related problems and treatments after completing her studies.

As an expert of dermatology, she has attended nearly 100 congresses, conferences and workshops all around the world sharing her knowledge with her fellow colleagues. You can find more details about best hair transplant doctor in Turkey

Hair Transplant with Regenera Activa Cost in Turkey

Hair Transplant with Regenera Activa method is an operation that has been used for a long time in Turkey. Turkish hair transplant doctors perform hundreds of hair transplant operations annually. Therefore, they are very experienced in hair transplantation. Advanced technology and equipping the clinics for hair transplantation have made Turkey the best in hair transplantation. In Turkey, where the most successful results in hair transplantation are achieved, the costs are very low compared to the rest of the world.

Hair Transplant with Regenera Activa Turkey prices vary according to the package contents. You can contact us by choosing the package that suits you.

FUE with
Regenera Activa
2.690 No Hidden Cost
All Details Included
  • FUE Technique
  • Regenera Activa (Pre-op)
  • Consultation with Dr. Oyku CELEN
  • 4500 Maximum Graft
  • Painless Anesthesia
  • Post-op Medications
  • 3 Months After Care Package
  • 4 Nights Luxury Hotel
  • VIP Transfer
  • Guarantee Certificate & Report
  • Personal Assistance
DHI with
Regenera Activa
3.190 No Hidden Cost
All Details Included
  • DHI Technique
  • Regenera Activa (Pre-op)
  • Consultation with Dr. Oyku CELEN
  • Maximum 4000 Graft
  • Painless Anesthesia
  • 4 Nights Luxury Hotel
  • Post-op Medications
  • VIP Transfer
  • 3 Months After Care Package
  • Guarantee Certificate & Report
  • Personal assistance
Important Notes
  • Hair Transplant Techniques: Hair transplant operation performed by FUE (Classic), DHI or Manual FUE methods in our clinic. The method preference for hair transplant is made by our coordinator who Dermatologist Dr. Oyku Celen according to the patient's request and suitability.
  • Consultation and Planning: Consultation and planning in all of our hair transplant operations in our clinic is carried out by Dermatologist Dr. Oyku Celen.
  • Maximum Graft: The maximum number of grafts varies depending on the patient's donor area, the size of the free area and the technique to be applied. The grafts you need in our hair extraction procedures are planned by Dermatologist Dr. Oyku Celen in a way that will not damage your donor area.
  • MesoPRP: MesoPRP is the process of applying to the patient PRP together with mesotherapy products that provide hair growth. MesoPRP is much more effective and powerful than the classical PRP application and formulated by Dermatologist Dr. Oyku Celen. MesoPRP application is included all of our hair transplant package except "Regenera Activa" one's.
  • Accomodation (Hotel): Our clinic offers accommodation services in 5* hotels in the Taksim-Şişli region. Accommodation includes for single rooms, BB (Bed and Breakfast).SNG room can be revised to DBL room upon your request.
  • Post-op Medications: Medicines such as painkillers and antibiotics to be used after the operation, shampoo and lotion to be used during hair washing, neck pillow and hair band to make you more comfortable are provided free of charge by us.
  • Transfer: When you arrive in Istanbul, you will be welcomed at the airport by our team. All our transfers, such as airport, hotel and clinic, are provided free of charge by the clinic staff and vehicles.
  • Painless Anesthesia: Many different devices and applications related to painless anesthesia are performed in our clinic. Our patients do not feel pain with the Equinox device and its applied also in the USA and Canada. In addition, maximum comfort is provided with needle-free anesthesia. Special medication is applied to our patients who have a fear of pain and experience panic attacks.
  • After Care Package: The hair care process after hair transplant is very important. We are given to our patients KAPIGEN Hair Styling Care Foam and KAPIGEN Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, which do not contain any harmful chemicals, in the After Care Package. It strengthens existing hair and ensures that newly transplanted hair grows healthier.
  • Guarantee Certificate and Report: After each hair transplant operation, our patients are given a warranty certificate in the form of a report of the operation. You can find all information about your hair and hair transplant operation details such as how many grafts were transplanted, the patient's scalp structure, how many hairs the grafts contain, and what kind of result is expected after the operation on this certificate. All those information filling by Dermatologist Doctor Oyku Celen.
  • Personal Assistance: Our clinic operates with a boutique service approach and assigns the person you talked to before hair transplant as a personal assistant to support you during your trip to Istanbul. This person will support you after you return to your country, free of charge for 1 year, so that you can achieve better quality results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplant operations are performed very frequently every year in Turkey. Due to health tourism, hair transplant specialists and clinics in Turkey are very experienced. Therefore, the result of hair transplantation in Turkey is highly successful. Also, Turkey and Istanbul are very suitable for tourism. Hair transplant patients mostly perform hair transplant operations in Turkey and visit historical and natural touristic places of Istanbul. In this way, they have a vacation while having a hair transplant operation.

Yes, hair transplant in Turkey is safe. Every year, thousands of patients visit Turkey for hair transplant operation. Therefore, Turkey is one of the most reliable countries in terms of health tourism. In addition, since there is a great demand for hair transplantation in Turkey, hair transplantation clinics are very experienced and organized.

The most suitable city for hair transplant and health tourism is Istanbul. It has both a lot of touristic activities and very experienced hair transplant doctors. We invite you to our clinic in Nişantaşı, the most popular and luxurious district of Istanbul.

Hair transplant surgery in Turkey is both very cheap and high quality. For these reasons, many patients around the world prefer Turkey for both touristic and health reasons. In Turkey, not only hair transplant operations, but also plastic surgery operations are performed. You can find more information about plastic surgery and plastic surgery on the TravelMedi website.

Turkey is one of the most reliable countries for medical tourism. It has very experienced surgeons and clinics. Therefore, very successful and natural results are obtained. However, Turkey has a lower cost compared to other countries.

Yes, Turkey has the best hair transplant clinics in the world. Every year, thousands of hair transplant patients come to Turkey to have hair transplant operations and enjoy their trip to Istanbul. Therefore, Turkey is the most preferred country for hair transplantation.

Turkey is famous for performing better quality hair transplant operations at lower prices compared to other countries. In addition, Turkey and especially Istanbul is a tourism capital. It offers an unforgettable travel experience with its touristic and historical places. For this reason, Turkey, especially Istanbul, is highly preferred for health tourism and hair transplantation.

If you want to have a hair transplant operation in Turkey, you can contact us immediately. DR. After a free consultation by CELEN, we determine your operation technique and operation date together. We will organize all the stages in Turkey for you.

The main reason why hair transplant prices are cheaper in Turkey is due to the low cost of products and services. In addition, the exchange rate difference between Turkish Lira and EURO and USD is high. Since hair transplant clinics in Turkey perform hair transplant operations very often, their costs are lower. For this reason, hair transplantation in Turkey is generally much cheaper.

Hair transplant in Turkey prices vary according to the packages. Dermatologist Dr. CELEN FUE hair transplant packages start from 1,790 €.

Our Certificates

Oyku Celen certificated by MTQUA
Oyku Celen certificated by ISHRS
Oyku Celen certificated by JCI
Oyku Celen certificated by International Health Tourism Authorization
Oyku Celen certificated by TURSAB
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