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Hair Transplant Results in Turkey

Hair transplant before and after results in Turkey have the highest success rates worldwide. In this way, patients who want to have hair transplant prefer Turkey for hair transplant. There are very experienced hair transplant specialists and clinics in Istanbul, which is suitable for medical tourism.

DR. CELEN is a dermatologist with a lot of experience in hair transplant surgery. Therefore, it achieves very successful results. He accepts his patients in his luxury clinic in Istanbul, Nisantasi. DR. CELEN primarily consults hair transplant patients. Examines the scalp and norwood scale. As a result, the hair transplantation method and hairline appearance suitable for the patient are determined. With the development of modern medicine, you can examine the most frequently applied hair transplantation methods in more detail below.

Why Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Hair transplant operations are performed very frequently every year in Turkey. Due to health tourism, hair transplant specialists and clinics in Turkey are very experienced. Therefore, the result of hair transplantation in Turkey is highly successful. Also, Turkey and Istanbul are very suitable for tourism. Hair transplant patients mostly perform hair transplant operations in Turkey and visit historical and natural touristic places of Istanbul. In this way, they have a vacation while having a hair transplant operation.

The results of hair transplant before and after in Turkey are very successful and affordable. Therefore, many patients prefer Turkey for medical tourism. Turkey has a very developed system in the field of health. There are very modern and luxurious hospitals and clinics in Istanbul. These clinics are generally established by specialist doctors. Surgeons who are experts in their fields carry out plastic surgery, medical aesthetics and especially hair transplant operations in Turkey. As a natural consequence of this, the results of hair transplant before and after in Turkey are successful.

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Hair Transplant in Turkey Reviews

Reviews of our patients who prefer DR. CELEN clinic for hair transplant operation around the world and their hair transplant experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplantation in Turkey is highly preferred thanks to quality surgeons and modern clinics and reasonable prices. Hair transplant clinics and medical teams in Turkey are very experienced, as hair transplant operations are performed very often. Therefore, the results of hair transplant in Turkey are very successful.

Definitely! There is a reason why Turkey is the first country that comes to mind when it comes to hair transplantation in the world. Every year, patients from dozens of countries come to Turkey for hair transplantation. Turkey is an economical and safe country for medical tourism.

Turkey and especially Istanbul host many tourists. Istanbul is exactly a tourism capital with its historical and touristic places. It also hosts medical tourism. The culture of Istanbul and Turkey is accustomed to tourism.

Hair transplant in Turkey is safe. Because the results of hair transplantation are very successful. You can see the situation when you examine the before and after photos of the hair transplant results in Turkey. We owe these successful results to modern clinics and specialist surgeons.

Hair transplantation procedure in Turkey is usually completed in 2 days. If you wish, you can choose to stay more for health checks and touristic trips.

Generally, the results of hair transplantation begin to be seen after 6 to 9 months. In some cases, the result takes up to 12 months. It takes up to 2 years to get completely results.

This is because Istanbul has the best and most qualified hair transplant surgeons and modern clinics in the world. In this way, the results of hair transplantation in Istanbul are very successful. When you have hair transplant surgery in Istanbul, you can be sure that you are in the best hands possible.

There is not much difference in hair transplantation in Turkey and in India in terms of price and success. Both countries host successful clinics. But hair transplant doctors in Turkey are much more experienced. Therefore, the success rate is very high. In addition, Turkey has many opportunities in terms of tourism. Therefore, tourists generally prefer Turkey.

There is not much difference between a hair transplant in Turkey and a hair transplant in the United Kingdom. The most important difference is that it is more economical to have a hair transplant in Turkey. In addition, Turkey has very modern clinics and very experienced hair transplant doctors.

Hair transplant operations are performed in many countries. Turkey is the most preferred country for hair transplantation and medical tourism. The reason for this is that hair transplant operations are economical and hair transplant doctors are very experienced. In addition, patients who come to Turkey discover many historical touristic places of Turkey after their successful operations. Due to Turkey's cultural richness, many patients prefer Turkey for hair transplant operation. In addition, Turkey is very preferred for holidays.
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