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Hair Transplant in Turkey with DR. CELEN

With dermatologist DR. CELEN, you can have a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss and baldness as a result of hair transplantation.

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Health is as critical as aesthetic beauty in hair transplantation. Trust your dermatologist.



Hair transplant operation requires practical experience as well as theoretical competence.


Happy Faces

Seeing happy faces by producing a definitive solution to the problem of baldness is our greatest achievement.



The certificates of the hair transplant specialist doctor show the level of competence.

Our Clinic

We are happy to host our patients in our clinic in Nişantaşı, the most luxurious district in the center of Istanbul. We successfully apply the entire hair transplant process in our clinic equipped with modern technologies.

The most luxurious clinic in Turkey 400sqm in a historic building Designed according to modern Italian architecture Hygienic, spacious, operating rooms according to EU standards You will feel truly special, almost like being at home

Hair Transplant Methods

You can have more detailed information about hair transplantation techniques
successfully applied by DR. CELEN.

FUE Hair Transplant


Get a permanent solution to your baldness problem with the FUE hair transplant technique.

DHI Hair Transplant


Latest technology in hair transplantation; DHI hair transplant technique with Choi Pen.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire FUE

Sapphire FUE method promises a faster healing process thanks to sapphire blades.

Unshaven Hair Transplant


Partially unshaven hair transplant and
long hair transplant is now possible.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

You can review the dermatology specialist DR. CELEN hair transplant package offers.
Remember, the most suitable method for you is determined after consultation by the hair transplant doctor.

1.990 No Hidden Cost
All Details Included
  • FUE Technique
  • Consultation with DR.CELEN
  • Maximum Graft
  • MesoPRP
  • Medicine, Shampoo and Lotion
  • 2 Nights Luxury Hotel
  • VIP Transfer
  • Guarantee Certificate
  • 1 year Personal Assistance
2.990 No Hidden Cost
All Details Included
  • Sapphire FUE Technique
  • Needle-Free Anesthesia
  • Regenera Activa (Pre-Op)
  • Consultation with DR. CELEN
  • Maximum Graft
  • Medicine, Shampoo and Lotion
  • 3 Months After Care Package
  • 4 Nights Luxury Hotel
  • VIP Transfer
  • Guarantee Certificate
  • 1 Year Personal Assistance
2.390 No Hidden Cost
All Details Included
  • Sapphire FUE Technique
  • Needle-Free Anesthesia
  • Consultation with DR. CELEN
  • Maximum Graft
  • MesoPRP
  • Medicine, Shampoo and Lotion
  • 3 Months After Care Package
  • 3 Nights Luxury Hotel
  • VIP Transfer
  • Guarantee Certificate
  • 1 year personal assistance
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Hair Transplant
Before - After

You can review the results of DR. CELEN hair transplant in Turkey operation

Hair Loss Products

Procapil Based Shampoo

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Procapil Based Styling Foam

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Procapil Based Scalp Spray

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  • task_alt Guarantee Certificate
  • task_alt 1 Year Personal Assistance
Starting From 1.790
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Hair Transplant in Turkey Reviews

Reviews of our patients who prefer DR. CELEN clinic for hair transplantation operation around the world and their hair transplant experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles taken from the donor area are transferred to the bald area. Hair transplantation offers a permanent solution to baldness.

Hair transplantation is the most effective medical method that solves the problem of hair loss. Hair loss prevention applications and products can prevent existing hair loss. However, hair transplantation aims to fill the area where the hair has already been lost with hair.

In summary, hair transplantation operation is performed by transplanting hair follicles taken from the patient's donor area to the baldness area. The nape region is generally selected for the donor area. The reason for this is that the hair in the nape area is genetically difficult to lose hair.

Hair transplantation is the process of moving your own hair follicles to your scalp in bald areas. Hair transplantation, which is a surgical method, reveals visible results. Since genetically sound hair follicles are used as donors, the transplanted hair does not shed again under suitable conditions and offers a permanent treatment.

Hair transplantation is a permanent treatment that lasts a lifetime when done under the right techniques and conditions. The result of hair transplantation varies according to the norwood scale, graft quality, and post-operative care.

Hair transplant operation is a lifelong permanent treatment under the right techniques and conditions. It can be applied with more than one session when needed. For the most successful results, a detailed consultation by the hair transplant specialist is recommended. At this stage, the most appropriate hair transplant technique and the number of sessions are determined.

Hair transplant prices in Europe and USA cost between 8.000 - 10.000 € on average. The price of hair transplantation in Turkey is less than half. In addition, it is possible to travel touristic in Turkey with a hair transplant. Moreover, Turkey hosts the clinics where the most successful results in hair transplantation are achieved worldwide.

Hair transplant operations are performed very frequently every year in Turkey. Due to health tourism, hair transplant specialists and clinics in Turkey are very experienced. Therefore, the result of hair transplantation in Turkey is highly successful. Also, Turkey and Istanbul are very suitable for tourism. Hair transplant patients mostly perform hair transplant operations in Turkey and visit historical and natural touristic places of Istanbul. In this way, they have a vacation while having a hair transplant operation.

Yes, hair transplant in Turkey is safe. Every year, thousands of patients visit Turkey for hair transplant operation. Therefore, Turkey is one of the most reliable countries in terms of health tourism. In addition, since there is a great demand for hair transplantation in Turkey, hair transplantation clinics are very experienced and organized.

Hair transplant Turkey prices vary according to the packages. You can compare our hair transplant packages on hair transplant in Turkey cost page.

Our Certificates

Oyku Celen certificated by MTQUA
Oyku Celen certificated by ISHRS
Oyku Celen certificated by JCI
Oyku Celen certificated by International Health Tourism Authorization
Oyku Celen certificated by TURSAB
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